CAK – 2009

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CAK – 2009

CAK has a central position in the healthcare system in the Netherlands. CAK informs about and executes financial arrangements for Dutch citizens. One of their tasks is to determine and collect the contribution for the Social Support Act and the Long-Term Care Act.

The application that was developed for CAK handles the disposals for the Acts in a semiautomatic fashion. In the tender, I was responsible for the interaction design, personas, storyboards and wireframes/prototypes. I also created a role-playing game to demonstrate the functionality of the application. After the tender, I was assigned to the actual project for one and a half years. In that period, I was responsible for the further development of the User Experience design.

User flow Sitemap Wireframe


  • Interaction design/prototype (personas, storyboards, wireframes)
  • Role-playing game for the demonstration of the project
  • Graphics design for the interface and presentation material (posters & booklets)


  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator