Thank you prof. Bob Wielinga

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Thank you prof. Bob Wielinga

A dream come true

I reminisce a lot about my time at university. I even miss it a little. The ambiance, the interesting topics, the discussions, the classes, my fellow students, Amsterdam in the early morning.

Since I was a young girl I dreamed about going to university. That dream shattered when my primary school test results on my learning capabilities weren’t what I needed. But my mom always told me to follow my dream. If I wanted it hard enough, there would be a way to get there. So, after a long journey, lots of small steps, I finally got there!

Prof. Bob Wielinga

My first class at university felt like a dream. There I was, sitting there. I… MADE… IT!!! I even found a picture of my very first class at university. The class was about Knowledge Systems and the teacher was Prof. Bob Wielinga. Wat a remarkable man he was… If you look at the lemma ‘Professor’ in the encyclopedia, you’ll find Bob’s picture right next to it. The way he explained the material, the way he discussed it with us, the way he sincerely showed interest in what we had to say was nothing short of amazing. Not to mention his immense amount of knowledge and presence. I always thought: If Prof. Wielinga is gonna be your thesis mentor, you’re in trouble. Guess who my thesis mentor was… I thought I would never make it, but because I had such deep respect for him (and for his colleague Jacobijn Sandberg, who was also my mentor), I was determined to not let them down and I gave all I had to do the best research I could. That’s when I, once again, found out how patient, helpful and sincere he was. And yes, I made it. I almost graduated with honors, I was 0,5 points short. But that didn’t matter, because the approval of Prof. Wielinga meant so much more to me. Until today it boosts my confidence.

Earlier this year I found out that Prof. Wielinga passed away. He will live on in my memory. Thank you, Prof. Wielinga.

Forever grateful,